Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Pre-K?

Parents nowadays often wonder about the need of Pre-Kindergarten but a quick introspection will reveal that Pre K is actually very helpful as it prepares the child for the Kindergarten in the next year. Some parents are of the opinion that children aged between 3 to 5 years are simply too young to go to school. They believe that they can give the same education to the child at home.

Although every parent has every right to determine what is best for their child, their approach towards Pre K clearly indicate that they are still not aware of the importance and the positive impact that a Pre K curriculum can have on their child. Here, in this article, we will focus on some of the reasons why a Pre K curriculum is essential for your child. It will also help the parents make an important decision in this matter.

1) Early focus on learning

The sole objective of these institutions is to motivate the children to start learning from an early age. The children are encouraged to get involved in certain activities such as basic speech, drawing and construction of small, meaningful sentences. This helps the kids in the long run and they advance to the higher classes with huge confidence and comfort.

2) Excellent opportunity to interact

The Pre K schools provide a unique platform for the kids to interact with one another and with their teachers. This sort of interaction promotes teamwork, improves communication skills and gives them the opportunity to speak their mind. In a pre K they learn one of the best skills of life – working as a team.

3) Active recreational activities

Although they are hyperactive at a very young age, children do have a tendency to lead a sedentary lifestyle at home as majority of the time is spent watching the cartoons. A Pre K understands the importance of the overall healthy growth of a child. This is the main reason why a Pre K curriculum comprises of a fair amount of team sports and different types of recreational activities that motivate the children to do exceedingly well later in their lives.

4) Identifying any hidden problems

When teachers interact with students they get to analyze their activities and behaviour from close quarters. This enables the teachers to identify any problems that a child may face while communicating or interacting with others. When a child is admitted in a Pre K the teachers get sufficient time in hand to devise a strategy so that the child can get over his/her problems in due course of time.

* This list was compiled by looking through different Pre-K programs such as: http://www.frogstreet.com/curriculum/pre-k/

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Start eating more soybeans

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Make a cucumber mask

By now you have probably seen this in a lot of TV commercials: applying a cucumber mask is going to make your skin look fresher and will also help a lot with removing the fine wrinkles on your forehead and your face. All you need to do is cut thin to medium slices of cucumber and then apply them on your face as you're laying down. Keep them on your face for twenty minutes and then remove them.

Retinol creams

Lastly, you may want to look for a good retinol cream which is great if you want to maintain your skin's firmness and elasticity for longer. Apply it both during the day and before going to bed for the best results.