Review Of The Signature Sleep Silhouette King Memory Foam Mattress

If you are dying to have a good night’s sleep, then perhaps it is because you have yet to get yourself a queen sized memory foam mattress. The Signature Sleep Silhouette 8-inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress available at target comes with a few features that will make it stand out not only from your average mattress but also from the vast sea of generic memory foam brands out there.

Popular Mattress Among Side-Sleepers According To Consumer Reports

With a unique blend of quality, performance and inexpensiveness, the Signature Sleep Silhouette 8-inch King Memory Foam Mattress sits on top of the pyramid of memory foam choices for a comfortable sleeping experience. According to the newest 2016 top 10 memory foam mattress ratings published on, the Signature Sleep is one of the most comfortable and durable memory foam mattresses, especially among side-sleepers.

3 Things You Should Know About The Signature Sleep Mattress

1. The less expensive options for memory foam mattresses usually range around 6 inches in thickness as opposed to the higher end 12 inch ones. For this price, therefore, 8-inches is rather reasonable as it is more comfortable and only a little pricier than a high quality spring mattress.

2. The Signature Sleep Silhouette memory foam mattress is fairly well reviewed as it lives up to its promise of comfort and peace while you sleep. It absorbs movement very well which is advantageous to those who may have a partner whose schedule does not match yours. It distributes weight very well and leaves you feeling almost completely weightless as you lie on it.

3. The Signature Sleep Silhouette 8-inch King-size Memory Foam Mattress accommodates any sleeping position. Some mattresses are better for those who lie on their back or on their side or on their stomach. This mattress adjusts to the contours of your body no matter what and this allows your pressure points to be alleviated. This kind of relief assists in sleeping throughout the night especially for those with chronic pain.

There’s More To This Excellent Foam Mattress

There is a cotton cover that is featured by this mattress. It adds not only a clean aesthetic appeal but also an extra layer of softness and comfort. This layer conforms to all relevant safety standards including its fire resistance. This makes it both comfortable and safe to sleep in.

The only drawback is the limited warranty offered on this memory foam mattress. This could be a compromise to keep the price low. It lasts up to a year but does cover the consumer in the event of any apparent defects within this time. Overall the Signature Sleep Silhouette 8-inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress is ideal for those who would like the comfort of a memory foam mattress but don’t have the financial means to get an expensive one.