Glenmorangie Distillery: In The Heart Of The Scottish Highlands

Glenmorangie’s history is not as rich as the other distilleries you very well know today. Its water source, for one, is something that none has been fortunate to have. It’s as if nature has partnered with the company, particularly with a farmer, to come up with the best qualities of Scotch whiskies in the Highlands.

Found in the heart of Scottish Highlands is the Glenmorangie Distillery. When on a historic whiskey tour, this company is always on the list. If you’ll be coming from Glasglow, you’ll be in for a four-hour drive, but it will not be a boring journey because you’ll be treated with astonishing views of historic rocks and mountain ranges. Even if you’ll see snow-capped mountains during winter, it will not disappoint.

How Glenmorangie Stands Out

What separates Glenmorangie Distillery from other Scottish distilleries is the type of water used to create whiskies. Others make use of tender water while Glenmorangie takes pride in its own mineral-rich water from its natural source – the Tarlogie Springs, which is the product of rain that goes through the layers of sandstone and limestone for a hundred years.

Its history can be traced back in 1843, when William Mathesan, a farmer, started a small enterprise. When he thought about breaking into the whiskey-making venture, he bought two ex-gin stills. This move became the heart of the story of Glenmorangie. He laid the groundwork for what would later turn out as one of the most recognized single malt Scotch whiskies in the world.

IWSC, a prestigious and globally-recognized award-giving body, made Glenmorangie a multiple awardee of the malt whiskey brand. It received a number of the ‘Gold Excellent’ and the ‘Finest in Class’ awards more than its competitions. In Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible 2015, Glenmorangie Unique scored 94 out of 100s, with the whiskey writer saying it is “complexity at its most advanced.”

The former black-and-white image of the Distillery featured “16 Males of Tain”, a tribute to the 16 men who supervised every stage of the Glenmorangie Distillery. Of course, the number of individuals employed increased with time, but the footprints left by these men continue.

Signet: Glenmorangie’s Pride

Launched in 2008, Glenmorangie Signet is also a distillery’s pride because it is a chocolate malt whiskey – the brainchild of Dr. Invoice Lumsden, then the head of distilling and whiskey production. Surprisingly, this was a dream of Dr. Lumsden since college. When it was launched, it did not come as a surprise when it was loved by whiskey and even non-whiskey drinkers. Described as magical, Signet also won the hearts of ladies drinkers and even the beginners. It won seven awards, including the five gold awards at the Worldwide Wine and Spirit Competitors and The Scotch Whiskey Masters.

Dr. Lumsden’s significant contribution was also recognized when he was given the Trade Chief of the 12 months award – not once but thrice. No business chief has ever received such honor. In 2010, Worldwide Wines and Spirits Competitors gave him the “Excellent Achievement within the Scotch Whiskey Trade”.