Vehicle Transport | Choosing A Reliable Moving Service Provider

We had the chance to move house and get new jobs in the West. This would mean moving along distance interstate. We have a daughter already there in University and our other daughter will be joining her soon.
If moving wasn't enough of a problem, we have four vehicles at present in our twin garages. The family SUV, my company car, my wife’s car, plus the motor bike my daughter uses. We can't possibly use all of those to get to our destination, so we decided to drive the SUV over, and find a vehicle transport company to take the rest.

Finding a company for Vehicle Transport

Luckily, as I am staying in the same firm, my company was covering some of the costs of moving the company car. We still had the problem of finding a good vehicle transport company, with a sound record and reputation. I consulted with the removals company and they came up with a recommendation. Yes, I had thoroughly searched all the options on the web. There were some good companies and some fine interstate ones too. I looked at online ratings sites and did a lot of homework.
There was an expense, but I looked closely at the small print and especially, insurance and liability. If there seemed to be “get out clauses” and there wasn't something quite right, I left those companies alone.

A Home Visit Clinches our Decision

What swung the decision for us, was the home visit from the representative of a vehicle transport company. It was the company that worked in cooperation with our removals company. The gentleman was very professional. He explained the insurance and liability, which both seemed very reasonable, both in terms of cost and cover. He explained we had the option of door- to- door transportation or collection from their depot in that State. We opted for the door- to- door service, as we had enough on our hands with the general removal. He also advised us to look up various service providers online.

Vehicle Transport: Open or Closed Trucks?

The next thing we discussed was the type of vehicle transport we would use. Would it be an open or closed truck? The vehicle transport representative explained that both our autos and the motorcycle would be totally secured on an open truck. There would be full individual weather protection if we wanted that. We had the option of buying this ourselves. He made some recommendations, so we opted for that, as this could be a future investment. We also followed the recommendations of the removal company for packing and removal.
This proved to be very good advice.

I am glad to say everything was moved safely. This included all our vehicles, plus our household belongings.


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